Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

The department makes the future of IT and Computing and extends the opportunity for the students. To make the best advancement in technology Solamalai college of Engineering keep the students close to the industries, So that they can do funded projects and be a part of new researches and new technologies. This is the key feature of transformative element of the power of Computer science and Engineering. The faculty members not only the well experienced they are the experts of various fields like Domain, database, soft computing, mobile operating system, networking, cloud and web services. We innovate the true innovators of future. Our contribution regarding the job is made the students to stand on a strong developed platform which is created by us every time.

Few Functions performed by Artificial Intelligence and Data Science

  • Networking and communications: World Wide Web (WWW), voice over Internet Protocol (VOIP), instant messaging and emailand rural regions
  • They focus extensively on computer applications, such as: electronics, computer hardware design, microprocessors, software and operating systems design, embedded systems and microcontrollers, mechatronics.
  • They concerned with the development and structure of complex programs which facilitate man-machine communications
  • Department uses design principles to build complex systems to solve computational problems
  • Research, design, develop and test computer systems and components such as processors, circuit boards, memory devices, networks and routers

Employment Opportunity

  • Games developing
  • Robotics, Hardware, Networking, Web development, UX development
  • Multimedia industry
  • IT consulting and system analysting

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