This department mainly focuses on the applied knowledge of engineering and mathematics with lots of practical experience. The applied science requires the intellectual faculty members and we are blessed with lots of them. The faculties excellently transfer the knowledge data to the students, those rich learning experience helps the students in the research and they become the promising Engineers of the nation. To carry out the practical classes we have the best infrastructure and advanced laboratories in national standards. We are developing the engineering graduates with extreme knowledge and professionalism which is essential for a competitive world.

Few Functions performed by CAD/CAM :

  • planning the different manufacturing operations to create a product
  • milling, drilling, turning, punching, wire EDM (Electric discharge machining sometimes also referred to as spark eroding), knife, laser and plasma cutting and additive manufacturing (3D printing)
  • uses data from CAD software to control automated machinery and generate tool
  • To design and develop a clear understanding and compassion for the methods, process and needs for manufacturing
  • Help manufacturers optimize product concept early in Design process

Employee Opportunity

  • Civil and Architectural industry
  • Industrial production designing
  • Product development
  • Aerospace, Machineries and Automobile industry
  • Army, Navy and Air force.

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