The Goal of Center of Excellence is to empower students,faculty and industry professionals to develop and deploy Innovative,secure and scalable cloud-based solutions that solve real-world challenges and drive digital platforms.


  • To Setup private cloud(IaaS) using server virutualiztion technique on the systems identified.
  • To setup database on the system identified and to enable access over other servers in the ecosystem,thus enabling PaaS setup.
  • To build a full stack web portal for data exchange on the identified server,thus enabling SaaS setup.
  • To set up trial subscriptions of public cloud providers (Microsoft,GCP or AWS)
  • To conduct workshops for faculties and students in cloud computing labs.

List of Equipments:

Intel Xeon ES-1650 3.2GHZ 6 core Processor,32GB and 64GB RAM, HP240GB SSD,2TB Seagate sata HDD, 2GB Qauadra 2000k Graphics card,Windows 10 pro, USB 3.0.