Information Technology

The department which made our self proud in the array of developed countries. The brilliance of our faculties will make the generation of excellence for our future. We at Raja college of Engineering and Technology achieve an education standard that is comparable to the best internationally. We aim on advancement of knowledge and systematic understanding of course materials and their application areas .The course itself demands the advanced laboratory for students. We never compromised with the demands instead we offer more. We spend much of our time not only on books but the knowledge that is pervasive in areas of emerging technologies and concurrent business processes. We are molding the best people of Silicon Valley of our nation.

Few Functions performed by Information Technology :

  • Develop and manage information systems that support a business or organization.
  • The work of a software engineer typically includes designing and programming system-level softwares such as operating systems, database systems and embedded systems
  • Application programming, software architect, system programmer/engineer.
  • They work to develop, test, install, configure and troubleshoot computer hardware and software
  • Create or adapt applications for businesses and organizations by analyzing the end user's needs.
  • Create proper documentation, diagrams and other detailed instructions to help other employees make the best use of new technologies.

Employee Opportunity

  • Software industry
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Robotics
  • Web developing and programming
  • Army, Navy and Air force.