Science and Humanities

Faculty Journal Publication

S.NO Name of the Author/s Title of paper Name of Journal Year of Publication
1 Dr.R.Sangeetha Dr. S. Dheepthi Gunavathana "Study On Medical Information Ecosystem Using Multi-Level Authentication In Blockchain Technology " International Journal Of Research And Analytical Reviews (IJRAR) 2023
2 Dr.R.Sangeetha Dr. S. Dheepthi Gunavathana "High-performance electrochemical sensor based on neodymium molybdate/reduced graphene oxide (Nd2Mo3O12/RGO) for rapid detection of carcinogenic organic pollutants in water samples" International Journal of Surfaces and Interfaces 2023
3 Tharini Jeyapragasam "Electrochemical sensor based on cobalt ruthenium sulfide nanoparticles embedded on boron nitrogen co-doped reduced graphene oxide for the determination of nitrite " International Journal Of Colloids and Surfaces A: Physicochemical and Engineering Aspects 2022
4 Tharini Jeyapragasam "Recent Advances in Development of Porous Carbon-Based Electrocatalysts for Water-Splitting Reaction " International Journal Of Electrochem. Soc. 2022
5 S.Dheepthi Gunavathana "Palladium Nanospheres Incorporated Polythiophene Nanocomposite:Investigation of Potency Promising Antimicrobial Efficacy " Elsevier-Inorganic Chemistry Communications 2022