Department of Mathematics

The Department of Mathematics is one of the pioneering departments of the institution that offers assistance to Engineering and Technology courses of the College. It provides a good mathematical foundation since the subject is considered to be the backbone of engineering courses.Engineering mathematics is a branch of applied mathematics concerning mathematical methods and techniques that are typically used in engineering and industry. Along with fields like engineering physics and engineering geology, both of which may belong in the wider category engineering science, engineering mathematics is an interdisciplinary subject motivated by engineers' needs both for practical, theoretical and other considerations outwith their specialization, and to deal with constraints to be effective in their work

List Of Faculty Members:

S.NO Name of the Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Dr.R.Rohini Devi B.Sc., M.Sc., M.Phil.,Ph.D., Professor
2 Mr.C.G. Madhusudanan B.Sc.,M.Sc,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
3 Mrs.M.Karthiyayini B.Sc.,M.Sc,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
4 Mrs. G. Janani B.Sc.,M.Sc,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
5 Mrs. T. Suriya Priya B.Sc.,M.Sc,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
6 Mrs. R.M. Subathra Devi B.Sc.,M.Sc,M.Phil., Assistant Professor
7 Mr. P.R. Premkumar B.Sc.,M.Sc,B.Ed.,M.Phil., Assistant Professor

List Of Supporting Staffs:

S.NO Name of the Staff Designation
1 Mr.Rajendran Sr.Clerk
2 Mrs.Malliga Accountant
3 Mrs.Velayee Attender