Power Electronics and Drives

Power Electronics and Drivers department handling the students who are going to handle lots of power in mega-watt. Lack of power now a day demands the energy convertors and power handlers. This department is the future of energy sector and an unavoidable element for the modern world. It focuses on the energy conversion for electronic machines and technologies. It empower on employing the electrical machines because they are the key of energy conversion for the devices. The PED offers core competences in power electronic converters, electrical machines and control engineering. Our integrated advanced laboratories provide students the ability to model, analyse, synthesize and develop PED systems.

Few Functions performed by Power Electronics and Drives :

  • Design and development of high efficiency power converter topologies and control
  • method of the power converter
  • Development of integration technology to realize very compact high reliability power
  • converters
  • Development of power converters from concept making for power conversion circuit topology and simulation for performance evaluation to performance verification by experiment
  • Create test procedures to verify hardware designs.
  • Develop and verify digital and analog power electronics control hardware

Employee Opportunity

  • Hardware manufacturing Industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Automobile industry
  • Thermal plants
  • Govt. Sectors like Indian Railways

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