Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering

Soil mechanics & Foundation engineering had an unpredicted growth in knowledge and intellectual practice also. The significance of this department in Civil engineering increasing and the opportunities are making the bright future for the students. We have the best systematic ideas and supporting infrastructure with excellent faculties. The field experience and wisdom of our faculties explore the best engineers for the fast growing society. The art of engineering always demands special equipments and advanced laboratory facility. Especially this division requires some unique new apparatuses like Triaxial Testing System, Conventional Direct Shear apparatus, Pressure Meter Testing System, Point Load Index Tester and advanced labs for Static Cone Penetration test, Pressure Meter Test, Field Vane Shear Test. We never failed to have the advanced apparatuses which the department needs.

Few Functions performed by Soil Mechanics & Foundation Engineering :

  • Consult geological maps and aerial photographs to advise on site selection
  • Assist with the design of built structures, using specialised computer software or calculations
  • advise and test a range of construction materials, for example sand, gravel, bricks and clay
  • Validates and issues project geotechnical specifications, requisitions and schedule of rates
  • To collect the soil samples from the site, analyze it and design the support structures for accommodating roads, buildings, dams, tunnels etc.

Employee Opportunity

  • Civil Industry
  • Agriculture Industry
  • Railway
  • Mining and Petroleum industry
  • Teaching and research

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