Science and Humanities

The Department of Science and Humanities plays a crucial role in developing the blossoming engineers in their first stride itself. "Gem cannot be polished without friction" is a famous wisdom likewise the department of science and humanities chisels the future Engineers by everlasting endeavors. It guides the blossoming engineers with lot of aspirations to attain wealth of knowledge to lead a successful life.

Salient Features of Science and Humanities

  • The Department stands on four legs of wisdom namely Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and English. All these four disciplines function uniquely as torch-bearers to satisfy the educational inquisition of the students.

  • It imparts valuable education on communicative and technical English, Engineering mathematics, Engineering Physics and Engineering Chemistry.

  • The faculty members of Science and Humanities have mastery over all the aspects of technical skills required to guide the students and boost their confidence level to successfully compete in the highly competitive corporate atmosphere. The lectures given by the faculty always make the students get elated in their pursuit of fruits of knowledge and wisdom. The counseling, imparted to students with unstable mind, motivate their mind to be stable in their march towards their lofty goal.